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CLAS PLU Standard 1Standard I

Planning for Continuous Improvement

  • PLUACLD916 
    CLAS: Promoting Continuous Improvement in Schools & Districts

  • PLUACLD1054
    Equipping Leaders to Create Positive Cultures

PLU Standard 2: Teaching and LearningStandard II

Teaching and Learning

  • PLUACLD1056
    CLAS:  Aspiring Administrators Leadership Academy 2022-2023 Cohort

  • PLUACLD1055 
    CLAS: Engaging Leaders to Advance Teaching & Learning

  • PLUACLD951
    CLAS: Increasing Equity and Access in Alabama Schools

Standard 3 Human Resources Development

Standard III

Human Resources Development

  • PLUACLD1025
    CLAS: Partnerships to Improve Pre-K-3 Principal Leadership 
    NAESP Pre-K-3 Leadership Academy 2022-2023 Cohort 
  • PLUACLD1024 
    CLAS: Supporting Instructional Leaders
    2022-2023 CIL Cohort
  • PLUACLD974
    CLAS: Wellness for Educators

CLAS PLU Standard 4 Diversity

Standard IV


  • PLUACLD953
    CLAS: Leaders Addressing Diversity in Schools & Districts

CLAS PLU Standard 5

Standard V

Community & Stakeholder Relationships

CLAS PLU Standard 7

Standard VII

Management of the Learning Organization

  • PLUACLD954
  • CLAS: Elevating Leaders for Impactful Management
  • PLUACLD978
    CLAS and ALA-CASE: Novice Special Education Coordinator
  • PLUACLD956
    CLAS and ALA-CASE: LEArn and LEAd: LEA Representative Leadership Training
  • PLUACLD975
    CLAS and AASPA 2022

CLAS PLU Standard 8 Ethics

Standard VIII


  • PLUACLD856
    CLAS: Leaders Building Schools of Character