CLAS Lunch & Learn

September 2023 Lunch & Learn Webinar

"Executive Functioning and ADHD" Presented by: Stephanie Corcoran

October 2023 Lunch & Learn Webinar

"School Safety: Keep Students and Staff Secure" Presented by: Dwight Satterfield

November 2023 Lunch & Learn Webinar

"QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer): Keys to Preventing Suicide" Presented by: Carolyn Dodson

January 2024 Lunch & Learn Webinar

"Stakeholders Taking Ownership of Their Schools" Presented by: Maria Johnson and Dr. Debra Wright 

February 2024 Lunch & Learn Webinar

"Upping your D and I Game: Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace" Presented by: Anthony Pollard

March 2024 Lunch & Learn Webinar

"Strategies to Increase Teacher Retention at your School" Presented by: Jennifer Hogan

April 2024 Lunch & Learn Webinar

"Leaders in Action: Four Steps to Address the Needs of our English Learners" Presented by: Mayte Cotton, ALSDE

May 2024 Lunch & Learn Webinar

"Updates from the ALSDE: Presented by: Melissa Shields