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  • Secretary of the Year

    by User Not Found | Sep 04, 2019

    This award honors and recognizes secretaries/administrative assistants for their hard work and dedication.  Without them, our school systems and school offices could not run efficiently, and we want to show them our appreciation.

    Secretaries/Administrative Assistants who meet the following criteria can be nominated:

    NOTE: Nominator must be the secretary’s immediate supervisor.

    • Have at least 3 years of service in a school or system office.
    • Support the vision, mission, goals, and beliefs of the school system.
    • Promote goodwill among fellow co-workers by maintaining a positive attitude and providing excellent customer service.
    • Exhibit a good work ethic by being punctual in attendance and adhering to scheduled work hours.
    • Perform work duties as assigned in an exemplary manner.
    • Participate in professional development to improve work knowledge and skills.

    CLAS Secretary of the Year recipients will be recognized at the closing luncheon at the 2019 Secretaries Conference in Birmingham, AL on December 4, 2019.  He/She will also be recognized for their exemplary performance on the CLAS website.
    Nominations must be received by September 30, 2019.

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  • AAPASS - Rhonda Cotten Award

    by User Not Found | Nov 01, 2017
    The Rhonda L. Cotten: Be the Change Award is intended to honor an individual, involved in Student Services in Public Education K-12, who creatively finds solutions, regardless of the amount of work involved. It is presented to someone who is less concerned with being politically correct and more concerned with doing the right thing for children and families. This award is designed to be a tribute to someone who is willing to ask questions, even if they are unpopular questions, but is also able to see the humor in difficult situations. The Rhonda L. Cotten: Be the Change Award is created to recognize a person ingrained in family and community who believes that the quality of living can and should be improved for everyone.

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  • AAPASS - Sue B. Adams Leadership Award

    by User Not Found | Jan 25, 2017
    At the 2010 AAPASS Annual Conference in honor of Dr. Sue Adams in recognition of her retirement, the Sue B. Adams Leadership Award was established to be given at our yearly conference to an outstanding AAPASS member. Dr. Adams was a pioneer in the area of Prevention and Support with the Alabama State Department of Education. Her expertise, concern, and knowledge of student safety, attendance and discipline, dropout prevention, and discovering ways to help all students and especially those considered “at-risk” will be remembered for years by those who have been fortunate enough to work with her and know her. 

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  • CLAS Leadership Award

    by Alyssa Godfrey | Apr 02, 2015

    The CLAS Leadership Award is presented annually to a CLAS member who has exhibited leadership in his or her affiliate as well as at the state level. Award nominations are made by each of the eleven CLAS affiliates and judging is conducted by members of the CLAS Awards Committee. The winner and other nominees are recognized and presented with a plaque during the CLAS Annual Convention.

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