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CLAS Communications

CLAS offers the following communications:
  • CLAS School Leader magazine - a quarterly publication with relevant columns and articles geared toward Alabama's school leaders.
  • COVID-19 & Roadmap to Reopening Schools Resources - available to anyone via webpage. Updates are bundled with the Friday Update each week. MEMBERS ONLY)
  • News & Press Releases
  • CLAS Friday Update - a weekly newsletter featuring relevant articles, upcoming events, job announcements, and more. (MEMBERS ONLY)
  • The Main Idea Book Summary - a monthly newsletter featuring summaries for education-related books. (MEMBERS ONLY)
  • State Board of Education Updates - bundled with the Friday Update following a State Board of Education meeting (MEMBERS ONLY)
  • Legislative Updates - bundled with the Friday Update during the legislative session (MEMBERS ONLY)
  • Upcoming Event Notifications
  • Affiliate newsletters and updates - select affiliates provide newsletters and updates to their members (AFFILIATE MEMBERS ONLY)