Standard VII

Standard 7


CLAS: Elevating Leaders for Impactful Management

June 13, 2022 - April 15, 2023

Phase I: Content and Knowledge (Attend two Phase I activities from this group)

  • 2022 CLAS Summer Convention
  • 2022 AAESA Fall Conference
  • 2022 AASSP/AAMSP Fall Conference
  • 2023 CLAS Assistant Principals Conference
  • 2023 CLAS Law Conference or 2023 CLAS Law Conference Webcast 

Phase II: Implementation (Required)

  • Submit 25 hour Implementation Log noting effective implementation

    (Note: Effective implementation should include activities that you have led/facilitated or activities where you met, discussed, or collaborated regarding the knowledge gained with colleagues and/or stakeholders as related to Standard VII: Management of the Learning Organization. Implementation must note evidence of your specific leadership in your organization.)

Phase III: Reflection/Evaluation (Complete both activities)

PowerSchool Directions: