Standard III

Standard 3 Human Resources Development


CLAS: Supporting Instructional Leaders


June 13, 2024 - May 1, 2025

Participants will complete all activities.

Conference/Training fees must be paid before PLU can be awarded.

Phase I: Content and Knowledge

  • Participate in School Progress and Culture Session 
  • Participate in Student Growth and Achievement Session 
  • Participate in Strategic Management Session              
  • Participate in Effective Instructional Practices Session 
  • Participate in Ethical Leadership Session                      
  • Participate in Program Wrap-Up Session                      

Phase II: Implementation 

  • Implement knowledge gained from each content area session in respective school/district
  • Report findings, advancements, areas of concern as well as way  to address concerns to cohort/group in Benchmark Sessions 

Phase III: Evaluation/Reflection 

  • Complete online Evaluation following all content area sessions
  • Complete final program Evaluation (following Commission Exit Review)
  • Complete PLU Evaluation

PowerSchool Directions: