Standard IV

CLAS PLU Standard 4 Diversity


CLAS: Leaders Addressing Diversity in Schools and Districts

September 6, 2023 - April 15, 2024

Participants must complete ALL requirements.

Conference/Training fees must be paid before PLU can be awarded.

Phase I: Content and Knowledge

  • Attend two 2023-2024 Leadership Institutes
  • Read two research-based journal articles relating to diversity. (Links to articles can be found in the Journal Article Activity in Phase II)

Phase II: Implementation

  • Submit Journal Article Activity describing in detail how the chosen articles are relevant to your school/district and how the information can be utilized to improve programs in your school/district to positively impact diversity.
  • Submit Reflective Summary describing how you effectively implemented (shared) knowledge gained from the Leadership Institutes you attended for this PLU to address diversity issues in your school or district.

Phase III: Evaluation

PowerSchool Directions: