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The Executive Board constitutes the governing body of the Association

 1.Members shall include all officers, the immediate Past President, the representative to the Council Board of Directors, and the State Department Representative to the Association. (All of the above members shall have voting privileges.) The State Director shall serve as an Ex Officio member.

 A.Annually, a state department representative shall be appointed by the State Director, with approval of the Executive Board.

 B.The representative to the Council Board of Directors shall be appointed by the Executive Board for a three year term.

 2.Duties of the Executive Board shall include formulation execution, and evaluation of the policies and activities of the Association.


 1.The President/Vice-President shall be elected for a one year term. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for two year terms.

 2.The Officers shall assume office at the time of the summer conference of the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools.

 3.The fiscal year shall run concurrently with terms of office.


This Association shall have two classifications for membership.

Active membership dues shall be $_________ annually, to include $___________ for membership in the Council and $__________ for membership to the Association.

Emeritus membership (not presently employed, but are eligible for membership) dues shall be $5.00 annually.


The standing committees shall be appointed for one year terms.

1.Membership – The Committee shall promote, solicit, and maintain membership in the Association and Council and notify prospective members of eligibility for membership.


 A.Keep abreast of legislative actions.

 B.Inform members of pending legislation.

 C.Recommend appropriate legislative actions to be taken by the Executive Board.

 D.Represent the Association in legislative sessions pertaining to the Child Nutrition Program.

 3.Nominating – The committee shall prepare and present a slate of officers to the membership at the Spring Conference for action at that time. Officers shall consist of Vice-President/President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. (Length of terms: See Article V, Terms of Office, 1.)

 4.Courtesy – The committee shall be responsible for sending to members a card, a book, an appropriate gift or a memorial in the case of illness or bereavement.

 5.Public Relations – The committee shall promote publicity for the Association.


The rules of Parliamentary Procedure as contained in Roberts Rules of Order, Revised shall govern the proceedings of this association. The immediate past president shall serve as Parliamentarian.


The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Association by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided the proposed changes have been circulated to all members before the call of the meeting or read at the previous meeting.


The standing rules of the Alabama Child Nutrition Directors shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws of this association. Standing rules may be revised by note at any business meeting of the Association.

 1.Registration fees for all meetings shall be determined by the Executive Board.

 2.Guests of the Association at the fall and spring conferences shall be State Superintendent of Education, the immediate supervisor of the State Director and the State Director of Child Nutrition Programs.

 3.The Executive Board shall determine other special guests as the need arises.

 4. Speakers’ fees shall be determined by the Executive Board

 5.Retirement gifts shall be presented to retirees at any meeting designated by the Executive Board.

 6.The Treasurer shall present an annual budget at the first Executive Board meeting each fiscal year to be adopted by the Executive Board.

 7.The Executive Board will determine all travel expenses to be paid for the association’s representative to the American School Nutrition Association Legislative Conference, and any other Association travel expenses based on the current financial standing of the Association.

 8.Expenses shall be paid for the President to attend the CLAS Executive Board Meetings and the CLAS Summer Convention.




The name of this association shall be the Alabama Child Nutrition Directors. It is an affiliate of the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools, hereinafter referred to as The Council.


The mission of the Alabama Child Nutrition Directors is to support members in their efforts to provide nutritious meals to students and school board personnel. This should result in an environment where students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to consume nutritious foods for improved health and ultimately improve performance both physically and academically.


The goals of this association shall be:

1.To work for the improvement of Child Nutrition Programs in Alabama schools

2.To coordinate and provide leadership among Child Nutrition Program personnel in areas of legislation, research and public relations.

3.To promote a professional working relationship among Child Nutrition Directors and other organizations

4.To provide opportunities for professional growth among Child Nutrition Directors

5.To formulate positions on issues and make these known to those who can provide appropriate leadership toward implementation



Alabama Child Nutrition Directors shall have active and retired membership.


Persons having administrative or supervisory responsibility for Child Nutrition Programs and by payment of annual CLAS/ACND dues shall be active members and will be eligible for membership in the Alabama Child Nutrition Directors. Active members in good standing shall have the right to vote; hold office and participate in all the privileges and services of the Association.


Persons who were previously active members of the Alabama Child Nutrition Directors, but are not presently employed, are eligible for emeritus membership but will not have voting privileges and may not hold office.


1.Association officers shall be elected during the spring conference. Nominations shall be made by a nominating committee which has been appointed by the President. The officers of the association shall be as follows:
  • President

  • Vice-President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

2.If the Office of President becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall succeed in office. Should a vacancy occur in the office of Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer, the Executive Board will appoint a member to fill the unexpired term.


  • The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and preside to all business sessions. The President shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Board, issue the call for all meetings of the Executive Board, appoint all standing and special committees, and act as an Executive Official member of these committees. The President shall appoint an auditor of the financial records and authorize payment of all monies. In emergencies the President shall be authorized to sign checks on the Association’s account. The Vice-President/President-Elect shall preside in the absence of the President or when called to the Chair by the President.

  • The Vice-President/President-Elect shall be Chairman of the Program Committee, planning programs for all directors meetings. The Vice-President/President-Elect will be encouraged to represent the association at the American School Nutrition Association Legislative Conference. Travel will be paid based on the current financial stability of the Association as determined by the Executive Board.

  • The Secretary shall keep copies of the Constitution and Bylaws of the association, records, and minutes of all meetings, including those of the Executive Board, The Secretary shall call meetings to order in the absence of the President and Vice-resident/President-Elect.

  • The Treasurer shall receive, deposit in the established bank account, and keep an accurate record of all monies received and paid. All checks and vouchers authorized by the President must be signed by the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit a financial report for distribution to the members each year during the term of office. Both the President and Treasurer shall be designated to sign checks on this account. The Treasurer shall receive from the Council the membership list of the Association. An auditor, appointed by the President, shall submit the financial records and submit a report to the President before the account and record are transferred to the new Treasurer.

  • There shall be three meetings held during the year.

  • The Association shall hold an annual summer conference in conjunction with the Council.

  • The Association shall cooperate with the State Department of Education in planning and presenting an annual fall conference. A program/business meeting of the Child Nutrition Director’s Association will precede this conference.

  • The Association shall hold a spring conference related to the administration and supervision of the Child Nutrition Programs. A business session shall be scheduled during the conference.

  • A special business meeting of the Association may be called at the discretion of the Executive Board.


The Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Association by two-thirds votes of the members present, provided the proposed changes have been circulated to all members before the call of the meeting or read at the previous meeting.