Thompson High School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Peer Mentoring: Report Card Conferences     

Alabaster City Schools

Principal, Dr. Wesley Hester

Superintendent, Dr. Wayne Vickers

Thompson High School’s (THS) Peer Mentoring: Report Card Conferences engaged EVERY ninth-grade student and connected them with a supportive peer, with the purpose of providing positive feedback to students from a caring individual. Students were provided the opportunity to receive help when they encountered difficulty in passing courses and support was provided to those who might otherwise fall through the cracks. The program provided a time to analyze course performance, attendance, and practice interviewing skills. After being unable to bring in volunteers in 2020 due to health guidelines, THS found a creative way to continue and improve the program. The Peer helper aspect of the program was born out of this problem and generated a diverse group of students who were trained based on the concept that a young person who is seeking help will reach out to a peer before an adult. Peer helpers made the program even more successful. Thompson High School believes that the immeasurable data of student connection has made the biggest impact in the lives of its freshmen students.