Spain Park High School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Cultivating Unity in our Community     

Hoover City Schools

Principal, Dr. Amanda Esslinger

Superintendent, Dr. Dee Fowler

Hispanic Heritage and World Heritage Weeks at Spain Park High School brought students together to celebrate the diversity within the school community. Recognizing that a sense of inclusivity leads to increased learning and engagement, the Spanish and Culture Appreciation Clubs united to develop low-cost, schoolwide programs celebrating the school's diversity which represents over 60 of the 195 countries of the world. Spain Park students planned a Multicultural Arts Showcase with song, dance, and dramatic interpretations representing countries from 3 continents. Club officers planned pop culture games, led artisan craft lessons, created informative cultural posters, and fundraised for HICA and English Language Learners choreographed and led bilingual dance classes and hosted an International Student Social. Teachers got involved by implementing literacy activities weaving global citizenship standards into the school culture. Over 300 students played an active role, and their efforts reached 100% of the school's population. At the end of the two weeks, 92% of students deemed being a member of the global community as important. A Junior student and member of both clubs, reflected, "[These weeks] impact students because it shows their culture is being appreciated. It makes them know that they are incorporated and helps them feel important and accepted." These two week-long celebrations of culture and diversity empowered students to “Cultivate Unity in the Spain Park Community.”