Satsuma High School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Career Technical Program

Satsuma City Schools

Principal, Mr. David Diaz

Superintendent, Dr. Tim Guinn

Satsuma City School System used market data, local businesses, and industry partners to identify high-demand occupations. This information led to a vision that quickly grew into the robust Career Technical Education (CTE) programs offered at Satsuma High School. All CTE classes are available for all students in grades nine through twelve. Students must take Career Prep but are encouraged to take additional CTE classes to explore more profound potential career opportunities. The CTE program established a unique experience that offered students real-life experiences through career classes based on market data and input from our industry partners. Real-life experiences and lab simulations were the program's centerpiece and provided students with the needed opportunities to experience careers firsthand. Students often shadowed individuals in various occupations in the community, i.e., local hospitals, nursing homes, welding facilities, etc., and participated in job preparation programs during longer breaks from school. Through Satsuma City School's vision to continue to grow CTE programs, career technical education will continue to be a priority as new ways are sought to expand current course offerings to meet the needs of the students, community, and the local industry.