Pelham High School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

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Green & Gold

Pelham City Schools

Principal, Ms. Kim Kiel

Superintendent, Dr. Chuck Ledbetter


The Green & Gold Program at Pelham High School (PHS) was implemented after consistent feedback from universities and industry partners revealed that many of today’s students needed increased focus on soft skills such as initiative, perseverance, collaboration, and individual accountability. The ongoing program went beyond traditional classroom subject matter to help students engage in planning and accomplishing educational goals while attaining important life skills. With the guidance of teacher and peer mentors, students in grades 9-12 met once a month during an advisory period to discuss goals related to different indicators, track progress and engage in interactive lessons to encourage the development of soft skills and boost college and career readiness. Indicators included: Attendance (Less than five absences per school year), Behavior (No Class II Referrals), GPA (3.0+), Rigorous Coursework (Advanced Diploma), Credentials (Industry/CTE), Extracurricular Involvement, Club Involvement, Work Experience, Military Enlistment, Testing Qualifier (ACT/AP/WorkKeys). The indicators encouraged a high school experience that helped students become prepared and successful regardless of plans after graduation. By the end of their senior year, students who achieved at least two indicators earned Green status and students who achieved at least four indicators earned Gold status. In 2022, 92% of PHS seniors attained Green or Gold status and were recognized by the designated tassel at graduation.