Eufaula Elementary School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

ROAR to Soar

Eufaula City Schools

Principal, Mrs. Roshanda Lewis

Superintendent, Mr. Joey Brannan

Eufaula Elementary School’s (EES) student-centered intervention and enrichment program, ROAR to Soar, was designed to help close reading and math achievement gaps while engaging all students in meaningful activities, fostering intellectual growth, and expanding knowledge base. Students who needed reading intervention engaged in hands-on phonics, while students in need of math intervention participated in daily number talks. During reading enrichment sessions, students worked with the art teacher and the media specialist to further develop reading and writing skills. Students completed projects that combined research, advanced artistic skills, expository writing, and novel studies. Math enrichment sessions were led by the music and physical education teachers. These students extended their understanding of the connections between music and math and had the opportunity to learn archery. Eufaula Elementary School's 2022 ACAP reading and math data validated the success of ROAR to Soar. In all three grades, 100% of students demonstrated growth in reading and math. EES was classified as a Comprehensive Support and Improvement School based on previous years' state report card grades. The students' gains in academic achievement and growth contributed to the 2021-2022 state report card grade of 80, thus removing this classification for the 2022-2023 year. Most importantly, teachers were able to engage students at their level, build confidence in each academic area, and make lasting connections.