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Mentor Coordinator (Part-Time)

CLAS is hiring a part-time mentor coordinator to assist with the Alabama New Principal Mentoring Program (ANPMP).
Mar 18, 2024 by Alyssa Godfrey

Job Overview:
The Mentor Coordinator will be responsible for leading and sustaining the New Principal Mentoring Program, ensuring its growth and positive impact beyond the initial developmental phase. The coordinator’s role will encompass various tasks aimed at fostering successful mentor-mentee relationships, promoting professional growth and development, and ensuring program compliance with relevant standards and policies.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing all aspects of the implementation and operations of the state’s mentoring program
  • Manage administrative tasks such as collecting invoices for payment, managing the learning platform, maintaining program budgets, and submitting required reports.
  • Recruit mentors
  • Lead the screening and selection of mentors following established guidelines.
  • Assist with the matching process of mentors with mentees, ensuring compatibility and alignment with program objectives.
  • Ensure program compliance with relevant policies, laws, and standards.
  • Facilitate problem-solving and conflict resolution between mentors and mentees as needed.
  • Review and assess the progress of mentor-mentee relationships, providing support and guidance to participants.
  • Promote the mentoring program to stakeholders by communicating program goals and emphasizing its value and impact on leadership development.
  • Assist with collecting and providing data for project evaluation, contributing to ongoing program improvement.
  • Secure resources and partnerships to enhance the program’s effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Plan and organize training sessions for mentors, arranging locations and contracting with qualified professionals.
  • Attend mentor training sessions.
  • Liaise between relevant organizations and stakeholders involved in the mentoring program.
  • Stay informed about research and best practices in mentoring, incorporating new insights into program strategies.
  • Promote opportunities for professional development for mentors and mentees.

Recommended Qualifications:

  • Possess proven mentoring skills, supported by previous experience and training in mentoring best practices.
  • Certificate in instructional leadership and/or degree in educational leadership or a related field.
  • Previous school or district level Principal experience.
  • Proficiency in technology, including learning management systems, word processing, email, video conferencing, and social media.
  • Detail-oriented with experience in budgeting and financial management.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Passion for mentoring and supporting professional development of principals.
  • Highly organized, collaborative, adaptable, and flexible.
  • Strong ethical foundation with a commitment to program compliance and integrity.

The salary for this position is not to exceed the RSA maximum for a retiree, currently set at $38,000 per year.

To apply for this position, please submit a resume and cover letter detailing your qualifications and experience to Only qualified candidates will be contacted for further consideration.