AAMSP Bylaws

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AAMSP Bylaws

Ratified June 23, 1998
Revised June 22, 2008



Section 1. Name

The name of this organization shall be Alabama Association of Middle School Principals (hereinafter referred to in the By-Laws as the Association)

Section 2. Purposes

  1. to facilitate positive educational leadership,
  2. to speak for the middle school principals,
  3. to enhance the image of the middle school principal as an educational leader and to promote greater recognition of the professional  skill and performance demanded by the position,
  4. to serve as an agency for the collection and dissemination of information pertinent to the middle school principal
  5. to promote legislation which is in the interest of children, education and the association.

Section 3.  Governance

The Association shall be governed by these By-Laws and such actions as the governing body of the Association may take consistent therewith.  Nothing in the By-Laws shall be construed to prevent the Association form pursuing objectives that are consistent with its stated purposes.  The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the Association.



Section 1.  Categories and Qualifications

Membership shall include active, emeritus and honorary.

  1. Active:  Active membership includes those persons who support the objectives and pay dues of the Association and who are employed in the professional positions related to middle school administration.
  2. Emeritus:  Emeritus membership is restricted to retired former AAMSP members,
  3. Honorary:  Honorary membership may be bestowed by the Executive Committee, by such membership will be in name only and will carry no rights, benefits, responsibilities or privileges.

Section 2.  Rights Benefits and Responsibilities

Active and Emeritus member of the Association shall be entitled to the rights, benefits, responsibilities and privileges of the Association.

Section 3.  No Discrimination

The Association shall not deny membership on the basis of race, creed, national origin, religion, age, handicap, or sex.




All active members shall hold membership in the Council of Leaders of Alabama Schools (CLAS) with dues to both organizations payable to CLAS.  Emeritus members shall hold membership in CLAS but will be granted membership in AAMSP at no cost.




Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised edition, shall be the authority governing all matters of procedure not otherwise provided for in the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws or by the actions of the governing body of the Association.





Section 1


The officers of the Association shall be the President, the President-Elect, the immediate Past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and District Vice Presidents to represent each.



Section 2


  1. Term of Office

1.  The term of office of the President, the President-Elect, and the immediate Past President shall begin at the end of the Annual CLAS Summer Conference.


  1. The officer’s year ends at the end of the annual CLAS Summer Conference.



  2. The term of office for the Secretary and Treasurer may be extended beyond one year.


  3. District Vice Presidents serve a two year term.Terms end with odd or even rotations consistent with district numbers at the end of the Annual CLAS Summer Conference.



  1. Qualifications for Holding Office


  1. To qualify as a candidate for office, an individual must have been practicing middle school administration for a minimum of two years.


Continuous active membership is required while serving in office.




Section 1.  Purpose


  1. The Executive Committee is to give leadership and direction to the Association.
  2. It is to be the governing body of the Association


Section 2.  Organization


The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and District Vice Presidents, CLAS Executive Director and any other person(s) elected by the membership or appointed by the President.


Section 3.  Powers and Duties


The Executive Committee shall


  1. Formulate operational policies of the Association
  2. Establish the procedure for determining membership dues
  3. Approve the budgeting and expenditures of the Association funds,
  4. Approve conference meeting sites,
  5. Supervise publications
  6. Secure consultants and staff personnel as needed


Section 4.    Meetings


Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held subject to call of the President except as otherwise provided in the By-Laws




Section 1.  Rotations of District Vice Presidents


District Vice Presidents shall be elected for a two year term rotating off and being elected in alternating years.  Even districts are elected in even years and odd districts are elected in odd years. 


Section 2.  The President


The president is the chief elective officer and shall


  1. Preside at all Association and Executive Committee meetings,
  2. Appoint all committees which are not otherwise provided for in the By-Laws,
  3. Designate Committee chairpersons,
  4. Call Executive Committee meetings when deemed necessary or on request by majority of Executive Committee members,
  5. Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee,
  6. Insure that the membership is kept informed of AAMSP activities,
  7. Serve as an ex-officio non-voting member of the CLAS Board of  Directors,
  8. Make a report of activities of the Committee to the general membership at annual meeting held during the CLAS Summer Conference, and
  9. Appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer.



Section 3.   The President-Elect


The President-Elect shall


  1. Assume duties for the President in the event of the President’s absence,
  2. Become President in case of a vacancy in the President’s position and serve as such until the regular succession to the presidency,
  3. Plan the annual conference subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.



Section 4.    The Immediate Past -President


The immediate Past President shall


  1. Serve as Parliamentarian
  2. Pass the AAMSP President’s Notebook to the new President



Section 5.  Secretary


The secretary shall

  1. Record the minutes of  executive committee meetings and regular affiliate meetings
  2. Provide written minutes to the membership during affiliate meeting
  3. Maintain record of the Association and
  4. Filter and store all past records at CLAS Office as needed.



Section 6.  Treasurer


The treasurer shall


  1. Receive and deposit all funds for the association,
  2. Expend funds as directed by the Executive Committee,
  3. Prepare financial reports as requested and
  4. Maintain communication with financial institution handling funds as needed.



Section 7.   District Vice Presidents


The District Vice President shall


  1. Serve on the Executive Committee of the Association
  2. Serve as the middle school resource for the represented district,
  3. Serve as the  membership coordinator for the area,
  4. Attend at least three Executive Committee meetings each year,
  5. Assist the President Elect in the planning of the upcoming conference,
  6. Serve as chairperson of assigned committees at the request of the President and
  7. Perform and function as the P            resident may request.









Section 8.   CLAS Executive Director


The CLAS Executive Director shall


  1. Attend meetings of the Association, if possible, including the Executive Committee, state, regional and national conventions,
  2. Arrange space for meetings, upon request,
  3. Keep President informed of current matters and report to the Executive Committee on Matters pertinent to elementary/middle/secondary educators
  4. Provide membership list and information as needed, and
  5. Promote and represent the interest and concerns of the middle school principals in

the legislative and political arenas.





Section 1.  Nominations


At the business meeting of the Summer CLAS Conference, the Nominating Committee shall submit the names of candidates for each association office which requires election.



Section 2.  Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee shall


  1. Be appointed by the President
  2. Submit a nomination for office of  President- Elect each year and
  3. Submit a nomination for directors to CLAS Board to serve a three year term as membership dictates


Section 3.  Vacancies


Vacancies in offices shall be filled as follows:


  1. CLAS Directors:  The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall designate a successor to fill the unexpired term.
  2.  President-Elect:   A special election shall be conducted under the supervision of the Executive Committee




Section 1.  Business Meeting


The Association shall hold business meeting during the annual meeting of CLAS.  The Association shall hold such meetings as are deemed necessary by Executive Committee to carry out the activities of the Association.


Section 2.  Called Meetings


The Executive Committee shall have the power to call a special meeting of the Association during the year.


Section 3.  Quorum


The membership present and voting will constitute a quorum.




In the event of dissolution or liquidation the assets of the Association, after payment of debts and obligations, shall be transferred to CLAS for its charitable and educational purposes.  In no case shall any officer, member or individual benefit from the dissolution of the association.




Section 1.  Records


The records and accounts of the Association and of its officers and committees shall be the property of the association.  These records and accounts shall be open to inspection by any member of the Association upon the receipt of a written request giving prior notice of such inspection.


Section 2.  Books and Property


Every officer, or former officer, member or former member, committee or former committee, who has funds or property of any description belonging to the Association, shall return such funds and property to the state CLAS office.





Section 1.  Enactment


These By-Laws shall become effective immediately when approved by the Executive Committee, submitted to the membership at a state affiliate meeting of the Association, and approved by a majority of those present and voting.




Section 2.  Amendment


An amendment to the By-Laws may be proposed in writing to the Executive Committee by a member or members of the Association.  Upon approval by Executive Committee an amendment shall be submitted to the members at the next business session and action taken at a subsequent meeting. Amendments become effective immediately upon approval by the majority of those present and voting.



Amendment 1:  The president shall be reimbursed for lodging and travel expenses to attend the National Middle School or National Association of Secondary School Principals Convention.




Amendment 2:  The members of the Executive Committee shall be reimbursed travel and lodging for expenses to attend Executive Committee meetings.  Reimbursement will be made for Executive Committee members for two nights lodging and travel to attend the annual AAMSP Fall Conference and Annual CLAS Summer Conference.