Prospective Presenters

CLAS searches for quality presenters with powerful presentations to advance education in our state; therefore, proposals are an open source. 

For certification purposes all presentations must align with the Alabama Instructional Leader Standards and the Alabama Professional Development Standards.

Proposal submission does not ensure a presentation guarantee.  All submissions will be reviewed and stored for future consideration. Selected speakers will be contacted based on content need for respective venues.  

CLAS strives to provide most AV needs for speakers.

Preferred room set-up will be accommodated as space allows.

All submissions will receive an electronic notification that the proposal has been received.  Personal contact will be made only if an invitation is being extended.  Proposal submission does not ensure a presentation guarantee.  

At this time CLAS is not offering compensation for presentations.

If applicable, compensation is negotiated on an individual basis.

Proposals must contain:

  • Complete contact information
  • Presentation title
  • Goals and objectives
  • Alabama Instructional Leader Standard correlation
  • Alabama Professional Development Standard correlation
  • Targeted audience
  • Method of presentation
  • Presentation description (500 word maximum)
  • Speaker bio 
  • Presentation length 
  • Expected attendee outcome
  • Presentation media for review 

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