The Alabama Association of Secondary School Principals will serve as a voice and a resource for public school secondary administrators.

Administrator needs as identified by the Board:

  • Unified voice and advocacy group in the Alabama legislature

  • Legal/Liability protection and support

  • Tools to improve job performance and manage job demands

  • Information pertinent to the position of administrator

  • Support from a mentor/advisor that understands the demands of the position

  • To be recognized and appreciated

Purpose & Goals:

The purpose of this organization is to promote public education and improve administrator quality in the state of Alabama.

The goals of this organization are:

  • To stimulate and promote student achievement through quality secondary programs;

  • To facilitate and encourage the professional growth of secondary school administrators;

  • To promote sound legislation and policies governing education in the state;

  • To promote adequate funding of education in Alabama;

  • To seek increased salaries and benefits for administrators especially through contract support;

  • To provide legal assistance and protection for administrators; and

  • To promote extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for all children to utilize their gifts whether academic, athletic, artisitc, musical, or otherwise.


Principals and assistant principals of secondary schools (middle-level, junior high, and senior high) are eligible to join AASSP as active members.

Superintendents, assistant superintendents, administrative assistants, and supervisors who have responsibility or the supervision of secondary schools may join AASSP as an associate member.  Other individuals who may join as an associate member include members of the Sate Department of Education whose job responsibiities are associated with secondary schools.

National Membership:

National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). NASSP offers $1 million in liability insurance. Visit the NASSP website.