AAESA's mission is to serve as an advocate for children while striving to enhance effectiveness in the supervision and administration of elementary and middle schools.

Goals and Purpose:

  1. To facilitate positive educational leadership

  2. To speak for elementary and middle school administrators

  3. To enhance the image of the elementary and middle school principal as an educational leader and to promote greater recognition of the professional skill and performance demanded by the position

  4. To serve as a clearinghouse for the collection and dissemination of information pertinent to the elementary and middle school principalship

  5. To provide services such as publications, conventions, conferences, research, state and federal regulations, individual counseling, and other services

  6. To enhance the unique and harmonious relationships among elementary and middle school administrators, teachers, other educators, and other associations

  7. To promote positive relationships among principals, schools, parents, and communities

  8. To sponsor and support legislation which is in the interest of children, education, the profession, and the Association


An individual employed in a professional position related to elementary and middle school administration and may join AAESA as an active member.

AAESA Individual/Institutional members are provided with legal defense though CLAS. 

Emeritus membership is available to individuals who are active members at the time of retirment. 

Full-time graduate students who are not eligible for active membership may join AAESA as an aspiring member. 

Honorary membership may be bestowed by the AAESA Board of Directors. Emeritus, Aspiring, and Honorary members may not vote or hold office.

National Membership:

National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). 
NAESP membership includes $2 million liability insurance. View the NAESP website.