Hoover High School

Jun 27, 2022 by Anita Reid

Peer Helping

Hoover City Schools

School of Distinction Award

Principal, Mr. John Montgomery

Superintendent, Dr. Dee Fowler

The goal of the Peer Helping program at Hoover High School was to educate, motivate, and impact students at Hoover High along with Hoover’s middle and elementary schools. However, Covid removed the Peer Helpers’ ability to meet this goal through one-on-one activities, forcing them to create a new vision. The students’ new vision for Peer Helping still educated, motivated, and impacted the school and community, but it was done from one classroom, in one building, and through one method: campaigns. Through seven campaigns, the Peer Helpers brought light in a dark time. During Red Ribbon Week, Peer Helpers encouraged their peers to have an escape like athletics, arts, or even a job to help them stay away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and vape. Suicide Prevention Week taught lessons on warning signs of suicide and how to help a friend in crisis. Thankful to Be a Buc helped students remember reasons to be thankful, even during Covid. Hoover’s Holidays highlighted and celebrated the diverse holidays of Hoover students. Black History Month created a walk-through gallery of Black cultural icons. Be Kind Week unified Hoover through fundraising $5,000 together and sending a student on a Magic Moments dream trip. Teacher Appreciation Week transformed the school into the Hoover Chocolate Factory to remind Hoover’s teachers that they were the Golden Ticket for students.