Woodland Forrest Elementary School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Project Impact-Empowering Girls Through STEM

Tuscaloosa City Schools

Principal, Mr. Brian Rose

Superintendent, Dr. Mike Daria

Last year, Woodland Forrest Elementary School launched Project Impact, Empowering Girls Through STEM. This project’s aim was to develop a pipeline of talent, specifically young girls, that have the necessary skill set and passion to pursue STEM careers in the future. With women underrepresented in STEM fields, Woodland Forrest’s hope was that by developing young students’ capabilities in these domains, while simultaneously exposing them to professionals in STEM fields, this imbalance could be addressed. The project was conducted in partnership with the University of Alabama, and was designed to create a mentoring system, whereby girls progress through a yearly STEM cohort at Woodland Forrest, and then return the following year to provide guidance and support for the next group. Last year’s project centered on the creation of Apps, and developing the necessary computer science coding and design skills the girls would need to produce viable programs. The girls were so successful with their designs that they won the Governor’s App Challenge for one of their fashion applications. Additionally, upon completion of the project, the girls were rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. Woodland Forrest knows they will see some of these students in the future as leaders in the STEM fields!