Tuskegee Public School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

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Macon County Schools

Principal, Mrs. Tiffany Williams

Superintendent, Dr. Melissa Williams


The ENCORE Program at Tuskegee Public School (TPS) was created to provide students with academic enrichment. The goal of the TPS B.E.S.T (Building Excellence in Scholars of Tomorrow) Music Program was to expose EVERY student in the school to a high-quality program and make music an integral part of the school curriculum and community. The overall goal was to engage and develop a love for music, increase academic performance and cognitive abilities, and bridge the gap in the feeder pattern within the arts program in an economically disadvantaged community. This was accomplished through expanding, exposing, collaborating, and involving EVERY student in the school to the music curriculum for at least one hour twice a week. TPS was awarded $20,000 from the Alabama Arts Education Initiative Grant. These funds helped provide students the opportunity of exposure to various instruments, learning fundamental music, increasing academically, and developing a love for music. Also, a conceptual framework was implemented for students to obtain a deeper understanding of the music in connection with the school's continuous improvement plan. The 2021-2022 Alabama State Department of Education School Report Card reflected a 100% increase in growth in mathematics; the 2020-2021 ACAP assessment reflected fifteen a 15% increase in proficiency in mathematics; and the 2021-2022 iReady school level assessment reflected 38% proficiency in mathematics. The music program at the B.E.S.T.