Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

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miniWOW: Immersing Elementary Students in CTE

Tuscaloosa City Schools

Principal, Ms. Richjetta Branch

Superintendent, Dr. Mike Daria


Tuscaloosa Career & Technology Academy (TCTA) recognized the need for Tuscaloosa City Schools’ students to experience early exposure to Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. Over 800 fourth-grade students participated in miniWOW (mini-World of Works), which consisted of hands–on and minds-on learning activities that were co-facilitated by current high school students and TCTA teachers. Each class had hands-on activities which introduced knowledge and skills directly aligned with business/industry success. MiniWOW introduced the fourth graders to career paths and gave them exposure to each. Students stayed approximately 25 minutes in each class before moving to the next class/career field. miniWOW allowed current students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of content standards and provided them the opportunity to share their learning with the fourth grade students. High school students facilitated sessions in their program areas for the younger students and displayed their leadership skills in the classroom. They also exhibited mentorship skills which will be beneficial in their future career path. Future TCTA students were introduced to new skills, activities, and career paths that they may not have known about before. miniWOW aligned with the system’s goal: Every student has a clear path for success after high school and is either Enlisted, Employed, or Enrolled (CCRI) after graduation.