Randolph County High School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Building Community Through Cooperative Learning

Randolph County Schools

Principal, Mr. Clifton Drummonds

Superintendent, Mr. John Jacobs

To forge well rounded and career ready students, Randolph County High School created and implemented a project-based learning committee to plan and engage lessons across grade levels and disciplines. In 2022, students participated in the World’s Fair through research and presentation of a chosen country where they explored culture, tradition, geography, food, commerce, tourism, and much more. Each class built an exhibit to represent their country, fashioned authentic costumes to wear during the opening ceremony, created documentaries, and represented the country in World Cup Games. All students were given the opportunity to shine. Students who often felt left out or chose not to participate because of lack of connection to content, stepped up and became leaders. Because this was a well-rounded, all-encompassing project, students could jump in and participate where they would thrive. Students of all levels worked together making books, posters, maps, and other visuals to help spectators better understand their chosen country. The dedication and implementation by faculty, staff, students, and the community attributed to the success of Randolph County High School’s building-based learning project.