Huntsville High School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Panther Petals Flower Shop

Huntsville City Schools

Principal, Mr. Aaron King

Superintendent, Mrs. Christie Finley

Huntsville High School’s (HHS) Panther Petals Flower Shop opened in September 2021 as a means for high needs special education students to receive community-based instruction hours through a real vocational experience. A floral cooler was chosen and ordered. A time clock to record students’ participation and floral supplies, such as wires, floral foam, ribbons, clippers, buckets, and vases were obtained. Students reviewed orders, composed a shopping list, and the class visited Davis Wholesale Florist each Tuesday to purchase flowers and supplies. The class made posters and placed them throughout the campus. Announcements were made each morning and flyers were distributed to the Huntsville High School faculty and staff as well as the district’s central office staff. Orders were taken in person, via phone call, email, and through My School Fees on the Huntsville High School website. Huntsville High School students did all the work of receiving, processing, and executing the orders with the support of special education staff. Panther Petals was open every school day and had flower arrangements and long-stemmed roses on display in the floral cooler for walk-in customers to purchase. Through the Panther Petals Flower Shop, HHS special needs students met career-based instruction hours by running a self-sustaining, profitable business.