Hoover High School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Engineering Academy     

Hoover City Schools

Principal, Mr. John Montgomery

Superintendent, Dr. Dee Fowler

The Engineering Academy at Hoover High School prepared students to excel in STEM disciplines in college and to provide the know-how for solving real-life problems. Students received a robust academic foundation by learning how to conduct research, manage projects, and communicate effectively. Students progressed through the program learning CAD modeling, collecting and analyzing data and comparing them to theoretical predictions, and using MATLAB and text-based programming languages to design solutions. The program developed students’ ability to work in teams and report results in writing and presentations. In the pinnacle of the program, the Capstone of Engineering course, seniors learned the principles of agile project management and gained in-depth knowledge of the engineering design process. Students worked in teams on projects for outside organizations to benefit people with disabilities. Examples of projects included the development of a self-leveling wheelchair, a hearing aid battery loader, and a ride-on car for young children with disabilities. The most significant success in the 2021-2022 year was a vibrating pen that can aid patients with Parkinson’s Disease. The patient who tested the prototype was ecstatic. “I just wrote between the lines for the first time in years!” he exclaimed. This experience was powerful for students, not only because they developed a unique device but also because their product made a difference in the life of a community member.