Harlan Elementary School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Harlan FLEX Intervention

Florence City Schools

Principal, Dr. Thomas Castell

Superintendent, Dr. Jimmy Shaw

Harlan Elementary School’s FLEX intervention was designed to be a flexible student literacy support. This extra round of Tier II intervention allowed Harlan staff to support students at their current literacy level. With intervention provided at all levels, highflyers were challenged whereas students below grade level were provided scaffolded support. All groups were fluid, which allowed students to move based on academic needs. Harlan FLEX Intervention provided a family approach where all adults responsible for instruction had a hand in intervention. Every teacher in the building provided support to homeroom teachers in some capacity for small group learning. Most classrooms had two to three adults in the room for this 30-minute intervention block. Students benefited from the personalized, hands-on, direct instruction that addressed their specific academic needs. Harlan strategically targeted what the below, on, and above grade level students needed academically to move to the next level. As students mastered a certain skill, the next steps for intervention included either remediation or acceleration. FLEX Intervention challenged every student to stretch and meet their potential for literacy success. The gains were very rewarding for Harlan students’ reading skills. The Harlan FLEX Intervention program supported students to help them learn how to read so they can later read to learn.