Crossville High School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

House System

DeKalb County Schools

Principal, Mr. Jonathan Peppers

Superintendent, Mr. Wayne Lyles

Crossville High School’s (CHS) House System was implemented to celebrate achievements within the school that otherwise would go unnoticed. As an incentive to students, several teachers worked together to create a House system where Advanced Placement and Honors students in grades 9-12 were placed into one of four houses: Darkclaw, Kingscrown, Goldenmane, and Lionheart. Four teachers served as House Leaders, and each House selected a head boy and girl from among the Senior class and a boy and girl Prefect from among the Junior class. A leaderboard for the House System was posted on one of the school bulletin boards, and students worked throughout the year earning points for their Houses. Students earned points by passing Advanced Placement (A.P.) tests, making A’s and B’s on report cards, having good attendance, and participating in school spirit activities. At the end of the year, a “House Games” was hosted with events in three major categories: athletics, games/special skills, and academics. At this event, points for the year were tallied, and the winning House was awarded the House Cup for the year. Upon completion of the first year of the House System, Crossville High experienced a marked improvement in student participation in school activities and witnessed students’ increased accountability for report card grades.