Childersburg Elementary School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Tiger Buck SOAR Store

Talladega County Schools

Principal, Mrs. Nicki Bryant

Superintendent, Dr. Suzanne Lacey

Childersburg Elementary School, located in southern Talladega County, implemented a program called SOAR (Supporting Opportunities for Achieving Results) after being faced with academic and discipline concerns post Covid. The faculty and staff utilized SOAR as an inclusive, school-wide, positive approach to discipline. Tiger Bucks were created as a play on the school’s mascot. Students were able to earn Tiger Bucks at school and within the community for exhibiting positive behavior, such as good citizenship and leadership traits. In response to Tiger Bucks, the Tiger Buck SOAR Store was formed for students to spend their Tiger Bucks on desired items such as toys, books, snacks, etc. Childersburg Elementary added Tiger Buck Certificates and Positive SOAR Referrals to highlight positive behavior such as self-control, responsibility, hard work, teamwork, positive attitude, and honesty. Tiger Bucks were also given by the local library and police department when positive behavior was seen in the community. The SOAR Store taught students life skills in an engaging and rigorous manner and evolved into an impactful experience for all. The Tiger Buck initiative led to a growth in positive behavior and academic achievement at Childersburg Elementary.