Bryant Park Elementary School

May 19, 2023 by Anita Reid

School of Distinction Award

Visual and Performing Arts    

Jefferson County Schools

Principal, Ms. Cortney Slaughter

Superintendent, Dr. Walter Gonsoulin, Jr.

Bryant Park Elementary’s (BPES) Visual and Performing Arts themed school was created to use arts education to bring students together regardless of economics, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Students were provided with arts educational opportunities to enhance the CORE curriculum. Bryant Park partnered with multiple arts educational agencies. The outside agencies came to BPES during the school day to provide extended opportunities outside the classroom. In partnership with the Birmingham Academy of Dance, dance classes were offered during school hours and students participated in the Academy’s annual dance recital. This partnership allowed students the opportunity to be a part of the dance community without leaving campus, which lifted a tremendous burden from the parents and built the students' dance repertoire. Through the Strings Music Opportunity Program, students learned how to play stringed instruments. The program also fostered social skills and collaboration among peers. The Boys Choir taught responsibility, independence, physical stamina, and how to sing in a synchronized chorus. Equipped with a stage, each classroom afforded students the opportunity to perform daily activities. Stages were painted with unique designs by each classroom’s teacher and students. Students learned how to read visual art by analyzing illustrations within text. Bryant Park designed arts-based murals and hallway themes to excite students about the endless possibilities to create, lead, and empower.