Pike Road Elementary School

Jun 28, 2022 by Anita Reid

PRES Arts Program

School of Distinction AwardPike Road City Schools

Principal, Mr. Jeff Hatfield

Superintendent, Dr. Chuck Ledbetter

Committed to providing a robust arts program which extends through each child’s P-3 experience, Pike Road Elementary School (PRES) offers the components of Visual Arts, Musical Arts, Makerspace, and Theatre Arts to the school week. Together, this team serves every child at the school over the course of a year through Specialist rotations. Within each respective rotation, learners were exposed to various forms of artistic expression and were empowered with techniques and strategies to develop a greater appreciation for their personal gifts. Engaged in rich, active learning experiences, students participated in a range of activities from messy hands-on art creations to noisy music games and coding activities. Learners were encouraged to chase curiosity, discovering something they are passionate about in a safe but challenging environment. Specialists deliberately stayed connected to their core teammates to reinforce academic skills and social goals taught during the rest of the week. Kindergarten learners in the theatre class learned a skit about letters of the alphabet and second grade learners in music class sang songs about being kind or famous American landmarks. With the goal of developing the whole child, learners were immersed in a seamless arts experience carrying depth, diversity, and impact on the community.