Bob Jones High School

Jun 28, 2022 by Anita Reid

Building Construction Academy

School of Distinction AwardMadison City Schools

Principal, Mrs. Sylvia Lambert

Superintendent, Dr. Ed Nichols

The Bob Jones Building Construction Academy was unique because it served and provided an opportunity for a group of students who did not fit into the “norm” and could have easily gotten lost in a school of approximately 1950 students. Many of the students served as leaders in the Construction Club and were known as construction “toolbox rockstars” around the school. Faculty and staff knew their names. Students went from not being interested in school at all, to showing up every day with a purpose, and with a sense of belonging and pride. Many seniors have gone from not being interested in college, to being interested in a two-year, four-year, or technical school. Some have even applied for scholarships! The Building Construction Academy was a game changer. When construction students showed up to complete a task, they got the job done. Even after the job was completed, they would take their portable vacuum and make sure they left no trace of residue behind. These students have made a difference in the community and school due to the skills they learned through the construction class. Mostly, these students' lives were changed because they were plugged into construction and found their purpose and a meaningful way to be involved.