Harry N. Mixon Intermediate School

Jun 27, 2022 by Anita Reid

Classes of Universal (learning) Design - "COULD"

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Principal, Mrs. Maghen Lowery

Superintendent, Mr. Reeivice Girtman

Harry N. Mixon Intermediate School’s “COULD” program created a unique opportunity for students with disabilities and at-risk students to experience a more individualized, tailored, and supportive general education classroom environment than ever before.  Students based in the “COULD” classes participated in a Classroom of Universal Learning Design in combination with the support of collaboration and co-teaching. Mixon Intermediate School’s staff believed that students with disabilities and at-risk students needed more support and less barriers to success within the general education environment. Mixon’s staff practiced proactive support to both students and teachers within the “COULD” program. More specifically, “COULD” not only provided for the incorporation of Universal Learning Design practices but also utilized the best practices of co-teaching and collaboration between the special education teachers and general education teachers. Collaboratively, these teachers worked to plan lessons, provide instruction, monitor student progress, and manage the classroom. Data showed that all students “COULD” be successful. The success of the “COULD” program was achieved when students were provided multiple means of engagement, allowed for multiple means of representation, and were allowed multiple means of actions and expression within the classroom. The success of the “COULD” program was supported by data from students with disabilities and at-risk students which indicated increased academic growth, increased student attendance, and a tremendous increase in positive student behavior.