Dale County High School

Jun 27, 2022 by Anita Reid

Farm Program

Dale County Schools

School of Distinction Award

Principal, Mr. Matt Humphrey

Superintendent, Mr. Ben Baker

A student-centered learning program, Dale County High School’s Farm Program worked to develop college and career ready students by exposing them to the agriculture industry. This program allowed students to build soft skills and marketable job skills in many ways. Students had the opportunity to take seven different courses within the Dale County Farm Program. In these courses, students learned to care for a variety of livestock such as cattle, goats, and chickens. Students also had the opportunity to learn the row crop and vegetable production aspect of the agricultural industry through working in raised beds, a tunnel house, and a garden plot. The twelve-acre Dale County Farm Program consisted of twenty-five livestock animals, livestock barn, tunnel house, three raised beds, garden plot, two pastures, and a wood and welding workshop. While in the Dale County Farm Program, students encountered a personalized and supervised agricultural experience by developing their own projects that were an extension of the knowledge built in the program. Students also cultivated leadership skills through career and leadership development competitions in FFA. Students in the program reinforced and built on skills developed in academic courses.