Brewton Middle School

Jun 27, 2022 by Anita Reid

The Reading Streak

School of Distinction AwardBrewton City Schools

Principal, Mrs. Madelyn Cave

Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Varner

The Reading Streak at Brewton Middle School (BMS) encompassed a culture of reading at the school. The BMS tiger mascot and a group of tigers made up a “streak.” The basis for The Reading Streak was student ownership of personal reading improvement and growth in Lexile levels. Students were taught what varying levels meant regarding text complexity and College and Career Readiness. Students had individual conferences with English Language Arts (ELA) teachers regarding personal reading levels, goals, and books to read independently. The media center was an open concept for students to visit throughout the day, as well as having “Book Business” once a week with ELA teachers. Students were guaranteed 25 minutes or more weekly of uninterrupted time to renew and check out books coupled with silent independent reading time. Students tested on at least three books each grading period using the “HMH Reading Counts!” program, with many students reading more than the requirement. In addition to reading, Brewton Middle School students had a personalized laminated locker sign that stated, “STUDENT’S NAME is currently reading TITLE by AUTHOR’S NAME” which the student updated with a dry erase marker when they started a new book. The Reading Streak changed the reading culture at BMS and contributed to student success.