AASCD Curriculum & Instruction Fall Bootcamp 2021 (Virtual)

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AASCD Curriculum & Instruction Fall Bootcamp 2021 (Virtual)

    November 4 - 4, 2021
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November 4, 2021
8:30 am - 3:15 pm
Virtual Conference

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Alabama ASCD

Concurrent Sessions 8:30 am - 10:00 am

Alabama Teacher Observation Program


Presenter: Elisabeth Davis (ALSDE)
Facilitator: Evelyn Nettles-Hines (Birmingham City)

This session will provide school leaders with an overview of the Alabama Teacher Observation Program (ATOP), including the program’s purpose, required components, teacher observation tool dimensions, upcoming professional learning opportunities for school administrators, and important implementation information. 

Building Safe and Supporting Learning Environments Through Foundational Wellness Integration

Presenter: Sean Stevens (ALSDE) and
Kara Chism (Samford University)

Facilitator: Demica Sanders (CLAS)

Safe and supportive learning environments are critical to the well-being of the whole school community as well as the academic success of students. Regular training and supports to all school personnel on how to engage students and support the foundational wellness needs of students are imperative; however, many schools often struggle with the beginning stages of implementing foundational wellness supports.  This session will explore evidence-based strategies that improve the character and social-emotional development of students, connect character and social-emotional development in classrooms and schools, and provide the latest resources for implementing character and social-emotional learning through current state initiatives, including the CASEL Collaborating States Initiative, The Hope Institute, and the Medal of Honor Character Development Program.

Concurrent Sessions 10:15 am - 11:30 am

Updates on Alabama Courses of Study and High-Quality Instructional Materials/Textbooks


Presenters: Cathy Jones (ALSDE),
Sandy Ledwell (ALSDE), and Dana Stringer (ALSDE)

Facilitator: Alicia Peters (Tallapoosa County)

The session will provide the most current information for implementing the Alabama Courses of Study in Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Career and Technical Education; selecting high-quality instructional materials/textbooks; upcoming professional learning opportunities for classroom teacher s and school leaders; and exploring the newly revised schedule for upcoming ACOS revisions.

Special Populations Updates


Presenters: Maria Franco (ALSDE),
Emily Hurst (ALSDE), Marilyn Lewis (ALSDE), Ayanna Long (ALSDE), Sherlisa Barnes (ALSDE) and
Molly Killingsworth (ALSDE)

Facilitator: Demica Sanders (CLAS)

This session will equip school leaders with evidence-based practices for effective instruction and provide the most current information on supporting students with disabilities, English Learners (EL), homeless, 504, gifted, and other students from special populations. 

Concurrent Sessions 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Tips and Strategies for Administrators to Support the Well-Being of the Whole Child


Presenters: Terry Roller (ALSDE)

Facilitator: Avis Williams (Selma City)

We look to school administrators for leadership and support as we are asked to do more with less for our students. As leaders, school administrators face complex challenges, including the development of the whole child, the changing global economy and society, the importance of school and community partnership, and using data to inform practice.  This session will focus on the systems of support at the district and school levels and the school administrator’s role in supporting the mental health and wellness of students, faculty, and families. Come learn how to leverage new technologies, community partnerships, and funding to improve the well-being of all students!

Beginning with the End in Mind

Presenter: Patrick Chappell (EBSCO)

Facilitator: Alicia Peters (Tallapoosa County)

Are your district’s instructional resources of the highest quality? How best can you lead your local committee members in selecting high-quality instructional materials that ensure your students maximize their learning potential.in all classrooms? What strategies can be implemented to maximize your district's purchasing power? This session offers school and district leaders an opportunity to fully understand the legal processes for adopting and purchasing high-quality instructional materials, including proven best practices for all instructional leaders. 

Closing Session 1:45 pm - 3:15 pm

PowerSchool Enhancements

Presenter: Marcus Vandiver (ALSDE), Steve Blair (ALSDE), and Caitlin Maddox (ALSDE)

Facilitator: Avis Williams (Selma City)

Do you want additional information and to utilize PowerSchool in your role as an instructional leader?  This session will provide an overview of PowerSchool Special Programs, Performance Matters/Data Analytics, and other PowerSchool enhancements that will help school leaders use data to impact student achievement and maximize the PowerSchool experience. 

Alabama Literacy Act and ACAP Data

Presenters: Bonnie Short (ALSDE) and
Maggie Hicks (ALSDE)

Facilitator: Alicia Peters (Tallapoosa County)

Your role as an instructional leader is critical to successful implementation of the Alabama Literacy Act.  This session will explore additional pathways for Grade 3 student promotion, including the components of the student portfolio and the evidence required for demonstrating student mastery of the essential standards, provide effective tools for using ACAP assessment results to impact instructional practices, and share best practices and resources, such as the “Alabama Literacy Act Implementation Guide Phase II:  Fact or Fiction” document for supporting educators and students this school year.  

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