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September 2021 Leadership Institute

    September 8 - 8, 2021

2021-2022 Leadership Institute Series

September Leadership Institute is a Virtual Event!

Multi-Tiered System of Support for Adults: Supporting Healing After Trauma

Presented by: Dr. Shelley Jones-Holt

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Most recently in education, there is a well overdue renewed interest in employee self-care, mindfulness, and healthy living to manage the impacts of primary and secondary trauma. If educators are mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, they are better able to serve the needs of students in their care. Building support into the system to meet adults where they are and support their trauma will impact employee satisfaction, retention, and lead to greater relationships with students and colleagues. This institute will outline the thinking and process needed to build a Multi-Tiered System of Support model for adults.

CLAS offers system subscriptions for the Leadership Institute series to school systems. If your system is a paid subscriber, any school system employee can attend at no charge. Non-system subscribers and non-members may attend for a fee. Attendees may earn credit toward a PLU or receive a certificate toward clock hours.

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