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AASCD Curriculum & Instruction Fall Bootcamp 2020

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November 5, 2020
8:30 am - 3:15 pm
Virtual Conference

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Conference Partners

Alabama ASCD

Alabama's Journey to Reading Success: Navigating the Alabama Literacy Act (ALA)
Presenters: Reeda Betts, ARI Administrator and Karen Rutledge-Bell, ARI Education Specialist II

The purpose of this session is to closely examine Alabama’s Journey to Reading Success as a process for assisting LEAs and schools in implementing the Alabama Literacy Act. Participants will explore alignment among the areas of Collaborative Leadership, Assessment, Standards and Curriculum, Instruction and Intervention, and Professional Learning related to the Alabama Literacy Act.  Discussions will center around the roles and responsibilities for multiple stakeholders including State Superintendent, ALSDE, local reading specialists, regional literacy specialists, educator preparation programs, and LEAs, as well as tools to gauge the effectiveness of current implementation processes. 

COVID-19 Impact on Supporting the Whole Child for School Leaders
Presenter: Jonathan Thompson, Health and Physical Education Specialist, ALSDE and Andy Meadows, Arts Education Specialist, ALSDE

Due to the disruption, uncertainty, and financial and physical hardship brought on by COVID-19, adults and children alike are experiencing stress. For students to engage in learning, schools—whether remote or in-person—must become positive contexts that promote and strengthen relationships with students, identify and meet varied student needs, and build the skills for learning, all while providing rigorous academic instruction. This session will provide an overview of ALSDE Reopening Roadmap Whole Child Components, equip participants with whole child resources and tools for traditional, blended, and virtual learning environments, and showcase several successful whole child initiatives that have been implemented in Alabama schools. 

ALSDE ACAP Assessment Updates
Presenter: Maggie Hicks, Education Specialist, ALSDE

Join us for an overview of Assessment Updates relating to NAEP, ACCESS for ELs, Scantron, ACAP Summative, ACT with Writing, and ACAP Resources. This session will provide participants with training opportunities relating to Student Assessment, instructional resources for ACAP as previewed during the Fall Curriculum and Instruction meeting, as well as provide an opportunity for questions and answers.

Nuts and Bolts of Remote Instruction for Teachers (for Novice Skill-Level Remote Instructors)
Presenter: Sue Ellen Gilliland, Education Specialist, Educational Technology, ALSDE

New to remote instruction? We have just the session for you! Join us for an overview of the self-paced professional learning course developed by the Office of Student Learning to support novice-level remote learning instructors. Learn how to implement this professional learning resource in your system or building. The self-paced course provides a bridge from traditional, face-to-face instruction to remote instruction, specifically focused on instructional design, planning, collaboration, and delivery. This session will help curriculum and instruction leaders at all levels develop a scaffolded approach to support novice remote-learning instructors to achieve success. 

Concurrent Sessions 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Extending Learning Beyond Traditional and Virtual Learning Environment through Resources and Supports for Parents and Families
Presenters: Cathy Lankford, Counseling and Guidance Education Specialist, ALSDE and Dr. Monica Mack, Counseling and Guidance Education Specialist, ALSDE

With the impact of COVID-19 on the education of Alabama students, schools, districts, teachers, families, and community partners must build strong partnerships with the common goal of supporting all students. Join us as we provide an overview of ALSDE Reopening Roadmap Teaching and Learning Framework, highlight ALSDE Reading, Math, and Science family resources, and spotlight Alabama school districts’ remote learning best practices for families. Through targeted family engagement strategies, teachers, school staff, and leaders can ensure each child and every family have the resources necessary for equitable participation in educational services. 

Relevancy and Engagement in Remote Instruction for Teachers (for Intermediate
Skill-Level Remote Instructors)

Presenter: Cristin M. Dillard, Education Administrator, Instructional Services, ALSDE

Are you ready to take your remote learning to the next level? Join us for an overview of the self-paced professional learning course developed by the Office of Study Learning to support intermediate-level remote instructors. Learn how to implement this professional learning in your system or building. The self-paced course provides educators with tips, tricks, and instructional strategies to design engaging remote instruction, collaborate with instructional support team members, and support student success in remote learning environments. 

Building Numerical Understanding and Reasoning
Presenters: Karma Clarke, 3-5 Mathematics Specialist, AMSTI-ALSDE and Elizabeth Hammonds, 6-8 Mathematics Specialist, AMSTI-ALSDE

Join us for a conversation focused on how to engage students in everyday mathematics no matter if they are at school, home, or walking the family pet. This session will curate resources and tools to provide students with strategies to master key mathematical skills and concepts and provide tips for making conceptual connections to apply numerical reasoning and solve problems. 

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