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2021 CLAS Schools of Distinctions and Banner Schools

  • Brewton Elementary School

    Brewton Elementary Book Club

    School of Distinction AwardBrewton City Schools

    Principal, Mr. Barry Wood

    Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Varner

    Brewton Elementary School’s (BES) Book Club was designed to encourage and ignite a love of reading in students from kindergarten through fourth grade. The Book Club encouraged students to read books of personal interest while expanding their word knowledge and providing rich literacy experiences that enhanced both comprehension and reading fluency. Students recorded completed activities in Reading Logs. Rewards were given to students through acknowledgement during morning announcements, grade level parties and Book Club certificates. The community of Brewton partnered with the school to celebrate students’ successes by providing gift certificates and merchandise from local stores and restaurants. Book Club inspired students to read daily at home or with community reading partners and tiger buddies. Students were provided additional opportunities to participate in Book Club through volunteer reader programs and read-alouds in the school library. English Language learners were also supported through encouraging parents to read in native languages at home while growing and enhancing their knowledge of English during the school day. The BES motto, “Everybody Learns, Every Day,” was supported through the Book Club and ensured every student was actively engaged in improving literacy by promoting reading at home and at school.

  • Brewton Middle School

    The Reading Streak

    School of Distinction AwardBrewton City Schools

    Principal, Mrs. Madelyn Cave

    Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Varner

    The Reading Streak at Brewton Middle School (BMS) encompassed a culture of reading at the school. The BMS tiger mascot and a group of tigers made up a “streak.” The basis for The Reading Streak was student ownership of personal reading improvement and growth in Lexile levels. Students were taught what varying levels meant regarding text complexity and College and Career Readiness. Students had individual conferences with English Language Arts (ELA) teachers regarding personal reading levels, goals, and books to read independently. The media center was an open concept for students to visit throughout the day, as well as having “Book Business” once a week with ELA teachers. Students were guaranteed 25 minutes or more weekly of uninterrupted time to renew and check out books coupled with silent independent reading time. Students tested on at least three books each grading period using the “HMH Reading Counts!” program, with many students reading more than the requirement. In addition to reading, Brewton Middle School students had a personalized laminated locker sign that stated, “STUDENT’S NAME is currently reading TITLE by AUTHOR’S NAME” which the student updated with a dry erase marker when they started a new book. The Reading Streak changed the reading culture at BMS and contributed to student success.

  • Chickasaw Elementary School 2022

    21st Century Tribe Time

    Banner School Award LogoChickasaw City Schools

    Principal, Mrs. Christy Amick

    Superintendent, Mr. David Wooford

    Chickasaw Elementary School’s (CES) 21st CCLC afterschool program, Tribe Time, functioned as a true extension of learning with the goal of building relationships with families and students that extended beyond the school day. The program focused on providing opportunities and experiences that would otherwise not be accessible to students and their families due to no other after school or summer programs in the community. Activities were designed to engage students and help with growth academically, social-emotionally, and collaboratively. Students were able to participate in gardening, Spanish, soccer, indoor hockey, ukulele lessons, computer coding, robotics, cooking, gymnastics, dance, music, and art. Additionally, students participated in service projects for the community. It was exciting to see the students and parents give back to their community. Students in the program maintained a high level of academic growth. Participation in the program allowed time for intervention, tutoring, enrichment, and exposure to an undiscovered world surrounding CES students. Twenty-eight percent of Tribe Time students maintained A Honor Roll, and 19% maintained A/B Honor Roll during the 2020-2021 school year. Thirty-eight percent of the 4th and 5th grade students were also National Elementary Honor Society members. The Tribe Time after school and summer program helped to achieve the goal of building a sense of community among students, families, and staff. 

  • Spencer-Westlawn Elementary School

    Walk to Intervention

    School of Distinction AwardMobile County Schools

    Principal, Ms. Tivella Davis

    Superintendent, Mr. Chresal Threadgill

    Spencer-Westlawn’s Walk to Intervention was developed to offer a fresh approach to intervention. The Alabama Literacy Act provided the blueprint to analyze data using Literacy Screeners, i-Ready, STAR, and classroom performance. Inventory of the faculty and staff of Spencer-Westlawn was considered, and all teachers and support personnel were given a literacy group to instruct at a designated time and place. Heavy emphasis was placed on Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Fluency, and Written Responses. Expectations were expressed, professional development provided, and resources distributed. Additionally, planning sessions were held to ensure teachers had materials and supplies necessary for the success of the program. Students “walked” to other classrooms to receive intervention. By visiting other classrooms, students were provided with a change of atmosphere, and teachers were given the opportunity to work with a new set of students. Walk to Intervention occurred Monday through Thursday at the protected time of 9:10 each day. To set the tone for Walk to Intervention, the song, Walking, by the group Mary Mary was chosen to convey the message of a determined spirit. Through the Walk-to-Intervention program, every child at Spencer-Westlawn received individualized reading instruction plans designed to advance his/her reading and literacy level.

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